Bachelorette Loses Ring down Male Strippers G-string at Male Strip Club

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A tall and beautiful, Asian bachelorette to be, made a big scene at the Hunkmania Male Strip Club in New York City. She claims she lost her loosely fitting, $50,000 engagement ring down a male strippers g-string while up on stage during her up close and personal “hot seat”.

As the producer/owner of Hunkmania I am charged with dealing with such claims. So I did my best to help her search for it. I grabbed my pocket flashlight and lit up the stage, and surrounding areas with it. No ring was found. She began to panic and say “I cannot go home without that ring my fiancé will kill me”. I asked her if she had insurance and she said that the papers were not sent in yet. I felt terrible for the leggy beauty but I was at a loss for words.

Her next move was to call the NYPD and report the situation. Moments later 2 cops show up with their flashlights to look at the same area we just looked at. This was particularly funny as the girls in the audience starting screaming “take it off” the real boys in blue. This gave the young officers red faces and brought the complainant to tears.

Now in a very emotional state, she begins to start pointing her ring less fingers and the male strippers and accusing them of stealing the gem. I move in to diffuse the situation. I quickly put on my detective hat and start asking the drunk, bachelorette to retrace her steps. She tells me she was on stage two times. First, at the beginning of the show and the second time, towards the end of the show. Her claim is that the ring was missing after her second trip on stage and because it was lose fitting she constantly checked it and notice right away that it was gone.

As part of our service at Hunkmania I we provide pictures of the girls while on stage taken by our house photographer. I grabbed the camera and scanned the pictures of the first dancers set. It was a happy moment for me as I discovered that the bride was NOT wearing the ring early on in the night as she stated. I happily confronted her with the photographs after reestablishing the fact she had it on earlier. I wish you could have seen the look on her face when she realized that she left it home so she wouldn’t lose it.

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