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When you play bingo, one of your first questions is “What can I win?” Depending on where you play, the answer could be cash, merchandise, trips, and even cars. Prizes are usually awarded based upon how many cards are purchased per game. Usually, most gaming centers are required to give away at least 60% of their profit. However, in some states and countries there are limits on how much can be awarded per night or game. Some games clubs also offer progressive bingo where the pot or stakes raise through out a series of games until someone wins the jack pot.

A typical one line bingo can earn as much as 100 dollars in a local bingo hall or can be as high as 1 million dollars online in a special high stakes game online. Some gaming clubs also offer trips of cars in place of cash prizes. Restaurants and bars have even been known to offer prizes of drinks, when trying to create a festive environment. Online clubs have even been known to give out thousands of dollars per game depending on the number of players.

In the progressive games ,a club may even place a beginning amount in the pot such as 500 to 1000 dollars and the pot goes up with each card purchased. Certain amounts of numbers are called and then you must purchase an additional card to stay in the game. Play will continue in this manner until someone bingos. As you can see, the pot will go up with each hand. The longer the game progresses, the bigger the payout. However, you could end up buying as many as 20 cards to stay in the game.

Many clubs also offer super jackpots. In these games, a player must participate during a certain game. The clubs will usually offer this game only a few times a week. These games can go on for weeks before someone wins. In some Super Jackpots, the prize is not disclosed at the beginning only an estimate of what can be won. Once someone does get a bingo they can then spin a wheel or pick an envelope that will determine the final prize.

These special or progressive games can offer huge payouts, but usually have higher stakes as well. This is due to the number of games it takes to win and the number of players involved. However, if you are the winner it can be worth the effort.

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