Free Horse Racing System - Multiple Doubles Method And Staking Plan

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Check each race in turn, we are looking for races in which the first, second or third in the betting forecast will provide reasonable prices. Ignore races in which the first in the betting forecast is quoted at less than evens. Look for minimum prices of at least 6-4 for the first in the betting forecast. Eliminate races of less than 5 runners, the odds quoted here are often cramped, and in the betting market the prices can shorten very quickly. Large fields of 16 and more runners should also be ignored. The races we have left will provide the winners we need.

For the basic system we need 12 horses. It is better to pick these from different races, so we need 12-races. Bear in mind two things when picking the races. The first is the type-'of race selected. Handicap races often provide better prices of winners, but non-handicap races provide the greater percentage of winners from the first three in the betting forecast. The second is that the higher the price of the first in the betting forecast, the more open the race is and the harder to find the winner.

If you are looking for regular small winnings, then go for non handicap races with lower prices, but if you are prepared to wait for substantial winnings, then go for mainly handicap races with bigger prices. A further way is to spread the risk by taking 3 or 4 higher prices, with the remainder at lower prices. Which horse you actually choose to. Use of the three in the betting - forecast will depend on the form of the horses in question, always go for the best recent form irrespective of whether the horse is first, second or third in the betting forecast. The expert who compiles the betting forecast will always work out the best runner in his opinion, but you must pick the best runner for your needs, and form is the key to your final selection.

Once you. Have found the best twelve horses, it is time to write out your bet. Write the meeting, time of race and name of runner on the betting slip. After each three runners draw a thick line and add a bracket around each three.

The instructions to write on the slip are: Any 1, 2, 3 and all 4 brackets. This equals a total of 15 bets made up of 4 trebles, 6 six folds, 4 nine folds and 1 twelve fold. Always pay tax with the bet and not on. Winnings. The bet can pay up with only, 3 horses winning, and at only 2-1 odds for each winner will pay 26- 1. It is when you get the six folds up that you really cash in." You can also put the bet on as 15 each way bets, a total of 30 individual bets. As' there will normally be a lot of placed runners at reasonable prices, you could make profits on many days.

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