Lay The Draw - A Soccer Trading System

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Lay the Draw is probably most common trading strategy in football. Also it's pretty simple and adjustable I guess that's the reason for popularity. How does it work? Is it really profitable? This article will give you answers to these questions.

Basically it is easy and simple. First step is to lay the draw before the match and second is to place a back bet when one of teams scores. As example imagine two teams with odds of 2.6 for team A, 3.5 For a Draw and 3.1 for Team B. If one of teams kicks a goal odds can rise to 4+. Assuming you laid the draw before the match, now you can back the draw,for example, on odds of 4.2 and guarantee no lose and only profit scenario.

But everything is not as easy at it may seem at first. Because of popularity by simply applying this strategy to almost every match it's not possible to profit in a long term. In some matches you can even observe dropping of draw odds when goal is scored as bettors hugely are backing the draw. Key factors for success are when to get out if goals aren't scored and what matches to choose.

Definitely you need to choose matches where you expect that goals will be scored and avoid matches with decent favourites, because if underdog scores market will wait for favourite team to comeback and score at least one goal.

Exit point is not definite if you really trust in your selections you can wait to the end of match, if goal will be scored later in a match odds will move more than in beginning. Most bettors exit match at around 60-85 minute.

Key to be successful with lay the draw is in match selection and in exit points.

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