Pick 4 Lottery Charts - Do They Work?

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Most of the people who are very familiar with the lottery industry say that the easiest lottery to win is the pick 3 lottery game. After all, you have 1 in a thousand chances of winning, compared to the regular lottery game that has a 1:14 million probability.

If that is the case, the game that is the second easiest game to play is the pick 4 lottery game. If you have not heard of this game yet, here is how it woks. The pick 4 lottery will ask you to choose 4 from the numbers 0 to 9. You can repeat the numbers twice, thrice or even four times, depending on what you think will be the winning combination. So you can choose from 0000 to 9999.

There are several ways that you can win this game, much like in pick 3. The first way of winning is through a straight win. This means that you have to get all 4 numbers and they should appear in your ticket in the exact same order that the winning combination appears. For example, the winning combination is 0915, to get a straight win, your ticket should be reflecting 0915, not 5901 as that is not a straight win.
5901, given a winning combination of 0915, is a 24 way box combination win. This win type means that you got the numbers exactly, its just that their positions are not the same as the winning combination's. You actually have 1 in 417 chances to win this way.

Serious gamers in the pick 4 industry use what they call pick 4 lottery charts. But what are these pick 4 lottery charts? Do they work in assuring that you win all the time?

Pick 4 lottery charts will usually contain the state's winning number combinations for this type of lottery for the last 30 days. Sometimes, the pick 4 lottery charts contain up to 60 days of historical number combinations As there are 2 draws daily, pick 4 lottery charts contains 2 number combinations per day. These charts are quite tedious to make yourself but historical winning data on the pick 4 are found in the internet so you do not need to make pick 4 lottery charts on your own.

But the very pivotal question is do these charts work? Are these charts able to give you the possible winning numbers? Historical data may give you the trend of the numbers that usually appear but, just like the stock market, you cannot predict the future winning combinations with historical data alone.

In order for you to consistently win in the pick 4 lottery, you need to use, not only historical winning data and trends, you would also need to have a pick 4 lottery system that has been proven by veterans in the field. Do not buy those pick 4 lottery systems from sellers that seem to promote too good to be true promises without them being transparent enough to say what methods they will be using in guiding you to the winning combinations. I wish you the best of luck in winning any states lottery game. In whatever you do, do not give up! That is the worst thing you can do!

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