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The gambler primitive is the shaman who make predictions into the future by using stones, sticks or animal bones that were thrown into the air and fell on the ground. Usually the forecast at that time was the fate of someone in the future.

At that fate is determined by the position of the fall of stones, sticks or bones while landing on the ground. In subsequent developments landing position is regarded as an attractive offer for the stake.

Rumus statistik Jitu Nomor Togel Hari ini (Togel jitu) - Alice Hewing (in Stanford & Susan, 1996) in his book Something for Nothing: A History of Gambling argued that the ancient Egyptians are very pleased to bet in a game like that played by the children in the present where they guess the number of fingers two people based on odd or even numbers. The ancient Romans loved throwing coins and lottery games, which learned from the Chinese. Ancient Greeks also used the same thing. In addition, they also enjoyed a game of dice.
In the ancient Roman dice game became very popular. The king like Nero and Claudine consider dice game as an important part of royal ceremony. But the dice game disappeared along with the collapse of the Roman empire, and was rediscovered many centuries later in an Arab fortress named Hazart, during the crusade.

prediksi nomer Jitu togel hari ini - Once the dice were introduced again in Europe around the year 1100an by the former soldiers of the crusade, dice game started to emerge again. Many relatives of the British empire and the defeated French gaming place called Hazard (probably taken from the name of the place where the dice are found again). Until the 18th century, Hazard still remains popular with the kings and travelers in gambling.

In the 14th century, a card game also started to enter Europe, carried by the travelers who come from China. The first card is made in Europe are made in Italy and contains 78 images of very beautiful paintings. In the 15th century, France reduced the number of cards to 56 and started producing cards for all of Europe. At this time the British Queen, Elizabeth I had introduced the lottery in order to increase state revenues to improve the ports.

Along nomer togel with doing shipping and trade as well as the discovery of several new continent, it enjoys participating gambling type games distributed by traders and travelers. This condition is increasingly expand gambling options because this type of game that was brought by traders and travelers are in fact only an additional of a kind already known by the local community.

With the diversity of types of gambling games and ease of technique, the gambling game easily and quickly spread all over the world.

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