Procedure to Claim Different Amount of UK Lotto Prize

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UK lotto is popular due to the huge amount of prize money associated with each weekly draw. The prize money increases in proportion to the number of participants. As per the recent statistics, there is a continuous growth in the number of players and the thousands of people are participating in the draw for the first time. Once a person starts playing the lottery, he will be addicted to it and keep participating to win the prize. The websites and online portals have also made it very much convenient for people to conduct an entire lottery transaction without moving out of your home. But still people have option to participate in UK lotto by purchasing tickets from various authorized retailers. A person should also be aware of the exact procedure to be followed to claim the lottery prize, if he is lucky enough to choose a number that comes as a draw winner.

Prize Money up to £100

When you have won prize money amounting to less than £100, you can claim the winning from any authorized national lottery retailer. The retailer will ask you to present the original ticket for validation purposes. He will validate your claim by comparing the ticket presented by you with the lottery draw results of the previous day. You can also check a validation slip though the retailer and claim the UK lotto winning.

Prize Money between £100 to £ 500

The same procedure can also be followed to claim prize money £100 to £ 500. Any National lottery retailer can pay prize up to £ 500, if he has got the exact amount of cash at his store. If the retailer from whom you have purchased the tickets does not have the required amount of funds, you can still claim the prize money from any other National lottery retailer operating outside your area. You can also give them the lottery number and ask them to arrange the funs to be collected after a few days. Alternately, you can visit a post office and collect the cash towards UK lotto win.

Prize Money up to £ 50,000

As per the lottery guidelines, cash can be received only up to the prize money worth £ 500. If the lottery prize amount exceeds £ 500, you will be paid the amount through a cheque. The cheque will be crossed and need to be deposited in your savings or checking account. So if you have won a prize over £ 500 and less then £ 5000, you need to visit a National lottery post office and claim the money by filling up a claim form and providing documents as a proof of your identity.

Prize Money over £ 50,000

If the prize money exceeds £ 50,000, you will be required to claim the prize money in person at a preferred location of your choice. You can claim the money at your home or at the Regional Centre. The UK lotto prize can becollected through a cheque or through a direct credit to your bank account. But you will be required to fill up a detailed claim form and present documents establishing your identity.

The procedure to claim the lottery prize gets complicated with the increase in the monetary value associated with the prize. So you need to understand the exact procedure to claim the prize and follow it exactly as required by the lottery commission.

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