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There are some systems currently for sale on e-bay. They use a trigger number. After the trigger number falls in then you bet on certain numbers for a certain number of spins until one turns up and you win. Each time you lose you increase your bet. Alleged winnings of £20-£50 per hour. After you win you revert to no-lose betting (except if 0 turns up) and wait for your trigger number to turn up again. However, you are limited by the maximum bet of £100 per spin and the staking method of the roulette (only goes up in £1 per number after the first £1 bet on any particular number).

The system, to my mind, is a simple increasing bet progression. The two trigger number systems I am aware of (one for Ladbrokes, one for Coral), on a perfectly unbiased wheel, will win for 99% and 96% of the time after the 'trigger' number according to my calculations. You win small amounts for that 99% and 96% of the time. However, when you lose, you lose big time, all your winnings and more.

The seller alleges that the chances of losing are nil on one system, and extremely rarely on the other system and that consequently, ultimately, you will win. I'm not convinced. It doesn't look like the Holy Grail of software roulette to me and you will simply need to play the system thousands of times to statistically prove that it works (the seller says he has played it thousands of times, over a 4 year period.....).
Basically - the machines claim 'this machine is random' - but quite clearly they are not. However, by law, they would not be allowed to say this - if they were NOT random
But when we think of random on roulette we think 36 numbers........ one in 36 chance right? well, i read that supposedly the system picks 6 random numbers - THEN, looks to see which of yor numbers has the MINIMUM on - and will probably 'pay out' or even lose... by choosing that bnumber
so the 'random' part - is to pick 6 randoms... (or it may be the otehr way around - it picckss afixed 6 - then picks one at random)
either way - those machines are fixed
i once covered the table but noticed i missed number 10 out lol - oh look, it goes and lands on 10
other times ive covered the table and noticed that by far there is a number that is least covered - and it lands on that number. they are clearyl a fix
Ladbrokes piss me off - the machines in there are blatant. I mean, at least let me lose my money slowly and have a bit of fun doing it! they just rob you straight away
betting on red or black, lost lost lost lost again - bet on 3rd lost bet on red and evens lost etc you know how it is a piss take
on black jack - not really up about 2 pounds up - decided to up all my hands (was playing 5 handed) to £2 each - oh guess what the dealer got?? in fact, i aint even going to bother saying i will let you guess what the dealer got on the ladbrokes machines when i upped my bets on black jack lol
there really isnt any system on them - im sure someone will come up with a way to cheat / cheat the pc - but it certainly wont be a 'system' ultimately roulette odds are against you. so the longer you play it, you will eventually lose
Ive been taught a harsh lesson by ladbrokes and that is to simply NOT play them and if i do, only to spend say a cheeky fiver or something
So if you are going to play roulette play in the short term i.e. hardly any spins (like put it all on red, or all on a 3rd etc..)
if anyone says the shit about put a pound on, if you lose double it to £2, if you lose double it to $4 - well that in itself is flawed because the casinos have worked out that within a certain amount of spins i.e. 500 hundred - a sequence of 15 reds or a sequence of 15 blacks is guaranteed - whereby if you re doubling your bets, you will go bust within that sequence of 15! (plus also table limites on how much you can bet..)
overall the best thing to to not play lol
I would just like to say that i was never brilliant in school, but some of the comments on this site are hilarious.

To be honest, any gombaluna brain can come up with a system like the trigger numbers. There are 37 numbers on a roulette wheel. Therefore a person has a 37 to 1 chance of winning, if the wheel is random.

Divide 37 by 12 numbers and you get roughly 3. Therefore playing 12 numbers a spin, you should get a win every 3 spins. Simple mathematics.

Therefore the odds of not winning in 12 spins are huge.

Therefore, how could any person pay for such a ridiculous and stupid system. Think about it, i laughed my head of when i read these comments.

Ah well, everyone to their own.
For a start, you always do better when playing for fun than when playing for real money.

When playing for real money;

Try Red/Black betting and if you consistently bet on red then you are guaranteed to see 9-15 (probably more than 15, 15 is just the most I've seen before quitting) blacks come up in a row. Consistently bet on black and you are guaranteed to see 9-15 reds come up in a row.

Try betting on Red, and once you have won, switch to betting on black and vice versa (doubling your bet each time you lose like in the Red/Black betting system) and suddenly you will see red/black/red/black/red/black......etc.

Try only betting on one number and that number will never turn up again.

I don't beleive it is random at all. I think they are monitoring what you are doing and making sure your number/color doesn't turn up.
Most online casino software is created by a small number of software companies who provide the same software for 90%+ of online casinos. Out of the hundreds of casinos that use each, wouldn't at least one have a small enough grudge to let the cat out the bag and admit it was fixed?

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    RiggedCasino 08/08/2010
    Roulette Machines Cheats/tips:
    Indeed Ladbrokes Casino Roulette is RIGGED.SCAMMERS/CHEATERS bastards.That's what they are.
    It is really disgusting.How possible appear the following series of numbers?:
    9,9,9,19,19,9,16,16;Can you believe this?.This has been created by a moron cheating the Roulette software.And this one:20,22,24,26,2,4
    What about this:13,31,13,31,33,35,33
    It seems to me that somebody is rigging the roulette.I have noticed at Ladbrokes,than when you win about £50/£100 the odds arise and you lose all your money.Why?
    How possible appear winners,who have won until £20,000 playing at Roulette.
    It is RIGGED/FIXED indeed.First at all they let you win some money,like I did say before £50/£100,and then all losing.
    Please stay away from LADBROKES.
    DAVID ROOKE 17/02/2010
    The machines are fixed , theres no way of making them random , they do as there programmed to do but theres to much money involved to stop them ripping everyone off . Heres proof if they were playing fair then they would generate an average profit of 2.7% eg 27000 for every 1 million put in but if you ask any cashier they will tell you its a lot lot more than that,it doesnt matter what number you pick or how much you bet the machine will decide the outcome on a profit based program.
    ossie 08/09/2009
    i couldn't agree more on what you said in your artical and has help me realised that there is no way on using any type of system it is just a matter of sheer luck.
    shane leeds 04/05/2009
    i belave roullette works by reverse numbers and multiplying numbers such as if 3 comes in i cover 6 9 12 15 18 21 ect or say 12 comrs out i cover 21 24 36 or say 11 comes out 1plus 1 is 2 so cover it 2 times 11 is 22 cover it if 13 comes out cover 31 9 comes out times it by 2 and cover it times it by 3 its 27 cover it i know this works cause im winning 400 pound a week and not losing very much either try it
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