The Lottery Numbers, odd and even combinations but, which one?

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Odd and even combinations, but which one?  In my last article entitled,’ I believe this is the best way to pick your lottery numbers’. I told you there were seven combinations of odd and even numbers that could be drawn on the lottery but, each of these combinations have a number of combinations associated with them.  Out of the seven combinations in total, the two combinations that are regularly drawn on the lottery are, the 4-2 and, the 3 odd and 3 even number combination .  The table below is for the 3 odd and 3 even combination, take a look.  The four middle columns, B,C,D, and E, contain an E  and an O, these represent the odd and even numbers. The fourteen lines all appear in the three most drawn combinations I have mentioned above.  By placing, either two odd numbers in columns A and F or, two even numbers in  columns A and F or, an odd number in column A and, an even number in column F or, an even number in column A and, an odd number in column F, will result in the combinations changing.  The two columns A and F are your neutral columns, pick your numbers in the four middle columns first.

Line     A=B=C=D=E=F 1)             E=O=O=O
2)             E=E=O=O
3)             E=O=E=O
4)             O=E=E=O
5)              E=E=E=O
6)              E=O=O=E
7)              O=E=O=E
8)              E=E=O=E
9)              E=O=E=E
10)            O=E=E=E
11)            O=E=O=O
12)            O=O=E=O
13)            O=O=E=E
14)            O=O=O=E

Another thing I should point out when you come to select your lottery numbers is, the number combination.  The two most drawn number combinations are, the 1-1-2-2 combination and, the 1-2-3 number combination, examples: 3=11=24=27=35=38 and 3=11=18=23=25=28.  Pick your numbers accordingly.  There are many lottery systems on the internet, some are free and, some are only out to make as much money as they can.  This site, gives you its lottery number Predictions for the UK, Irish, Euro draw and the New York state 6 number lottery, there is no charge!

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    An insight into the numbers, will help you when you select your Lottery numbers.

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    David Greenheld

    I believe this is the best way to pick your lottery numbers,the two middle columns C and D are the important one's.

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    David Greenheld

    Are you wasting your money, taking the same lottery numbers draw after draw. If you read my previous article entitled,'can the lottery be manipulated', then the answer would have to be,yes!

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    David Greenheld

    I believe this is the best way to pick your lottery numbers,the two middle columns C and D are the important one's.

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    David Greenheld

    Can the lottery be manipulated? Have you ever questioned your lottery draws, I have.

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    David Greenheld

    An insight into the numbers, will help you when you select your Lottery numbers.

    By: David Greenheldl Online Gamblingl 11/01/2010 lViews: 450
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