The most popular winning numbers on Euromillions

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The biggest lottery in Europe

Every Friday night the world holds it breath for the winning numbers of the pan-European lottery, The Euromillions, to be announced. People clutch their tickets or check their results mailers and simply hope for the best.

How to help you win?

A large industry has grown up around trying to reduce the odds for winning the Euromillions lottery. Is there any value in these techniques? There are so many to choose from, from websites and software downloads to e-books – all promising the same thing – to help you win millions.

What numbers to choose?

While it is not my place to comment on these methods (there are too many to analyse and test anyway) I can say that looking at the winning numbers over a time has shown that certain numbers, for whatever reason, do appear in winning lines more often than others. For beginners to the Euromillions lottery these may be a good place to start when selecting your lines.
Most often drawn Euromillions balls

These are the most often drawn Euromillions numbers, as of June 2010:

Number 50: 49 times

Number 19: 41 times

Number 37: 41 times

Number 9: 40 times

Number 12: 40 times

And let's not forget the Star numbers:

Number 3: 84 times

Number 6: 81 times

Least often drawn Euromillions balls

These are the least often drawn Euromillions numbers, as of June 2010:

Number 28: 19 times

Number 46: 23 times

Number 39: 24 times

Number 48: 24 times

Number 27: 25 times

And the Star numbers:

Number 4: 64 times

Number 2: 66 times

Playing your entries

I am not suggesting simply playing the above numbers all in one line. This list is just something to bear in mind when you are making your selection. Possibly you may want to add some of them to your usual numbers or remove some of your numbers if they appear in the ‘least drawn' list.

Of course, there are those that enjoy playing the least drawn numbers, along with the most overdue Euromillions numbers as they believe that these numbers have now got to come up as they have not appeared for so long or as frequently.

Whatever numbers you go for, whether it is the most drawn or the least drawn, be sure to remember that you have to have at least one ticket in the draw to stand a chance!

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