What You Must Not Do When You Hit the Lotto Jackpot

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You woke up one day and reached for the newspaper; when suddenly you realized that the winning lotto numbers match your ticket. You and your family got excited, and even jumped up and down on the sofa. Congratulations to you, you finally did it. But before you go to the main office to claim your prize, here are some things you must not do after you get your lotto jackpot prize.

Don't ever tell the whole world that you won the jackpot. Contrary to everyone's belief, a winner must not reveal his winnings, even to his extended family. People fly like magnets to you, saying that they must have a portion of your winnings; and in the end losing the money without realizing it. If you are planning to use these for your family's future, never do this.

Use the most powerful word "No". You might have bad luck if a newspaper caught your name and published it. If your neighbors and friend already knew it and literally beg for your money, say no. Never relent even if the people said that you must give back what good they gave you. You might lose some friends in the process but at least you still got that money.
Don't quit your job. If you plan to live the life of a millionaire, think again. If you don't have the means to plan and make a business, don't do it. Remember that the recession is still going steady and it is not good losing your fortune.

Don't buy luxurious things. Don't buy a mansion, a limousine and expensive furniture, clothes and gadgets yet. Yes, you must have the money to spend on these, but what will you do if you lose the money? Resale these things, loan in a bank or find another job? Buy a house when you needed it and only a good spaced house enough for your family. Put your money on a good investment like education and business. In these ways, you can safeguard your family's future.

Start a business if you are sure what you are going into. Start very small so you don't need to take a higher risk. Go in seminars where they can teach you business basics. You could never go wrong in starting restaurants, renting and selling properties is the second choice. Make sure you know your business well.

You need some family bonding moments and retreats, too. If you are stressed, take breaks by going to a spa or camp out with your family. But after a while, get back to work. Having a long vacation could lose you more money than expected. Clear you mind and body, the take that job or business again.

Once you won the lotto jackpot, you will be the envy of the crowd. Everybody wants to be a part of your lucky success. But, make this success last the whole lifetime and not just for a second to build a strong future for your family and generations to come. Now, who doesn't want that kind of success story?

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