Zygor Guides Vs Dugi

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So you finally came to the choice that you would like to degree quicker in Globe of Warcraft, whether it is leveling your first toon to 85 or an Alt. Or possibly you are just annoyed with all these pesky quests that get up so significantly time as you search high and reduced for the quest objectives. What ever might be your cause, you've narrowed it down to the two greatest Cataclysm prepared leveling guides on the marketplace but can't decide which 1 is far better. To not worry, we'll settle the heated debate as soon as and for all.

Zygor Guides and Dugi both offer practically the exact exact same product on the exterior. Both products remedy your questing frustrations and aid you level at remarkable speeds. Even so, 1 is distinctively diverse than the other and although both guides do get the career done, one is undoubtedly better than the other.

Right here are the distinctive differences between the two:

Installation: Zygor Guides installer is by far greater than Dugi's. Dugi's Final WoW Guide installer has you downloading 13 particular person.zip files as well as their installer. You then have to make certain the installer and all downloaded files are in the same folder and execute the installer. It's not the finish of the globe and helps a small bit - but to have to do that every single update (and these guides update a great deal) might be really tiresome. Zygor Guides installer is basic. Download, click set up, and you might be up and running. Every time there is definitely an update, click update, and you are updated! That is it.
Pace and Person Interface: Neither guide is quicker than the other. I don't care how a lot of individuals tell me one is quicker than the other - I've used both and also have really comparable XP/H with each and both are Quick. Person Interface is a matter of viewpoint, while Zygor Guides results in and styles their personal addon, I really feel it's significantly much better. Dugi makes use of Tour Guide (Popular free of charge addon) to load his guides into - just a plain WoW look. Once more, make a difference of opinion.

Bonuses Offered: I don't know what bonuses folks are looking at when they hype them up. Each guides offer quite weak bonuses that are for the most component modest content articles. A great examine and slight perk if you have not performed a search on the internet for the same details, but it really is just that - a perk.

Addon Mechanics (Intelligent Injection Method and Expertise Advisor): Zygor Guides again takes the cake with their totally automated Smart Injection Method that adjusts according to your quests total and present level to uncover the greatest spot on their leveling path to place you. Dugi's guide is basically a level array selector according to zone. No automation, you've got to do a little looking as soon as you choose your zone. Talent advisors aren't even a debate as Dugi offers the Talent advisor "Talented!" which is really a free of charge 3rd social gathering addon! Zygor Guides has a constructed in expertise advisor that can automatically add factors in well-known expertise builds as you degree or just fill them out, let you make any modifications, and then have you learn them.

Price: It is the only thing Dugi has on Zygor Guides right now, as they are presently $10.00 cheaper.

It's really a wonder why this is even a debate as Zygor Guides clearly has a better product that doesn't rely on free 3rd party addons. See the detailed comparison of Zygor Guides vs Dugi for videos and a point-by-point breakdown. For videos and photos of Zygor Guides take a look at our Zygor Cataclysm Guide section.

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